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Guided Missiles and Rockets in 1959

The Advance Terrier surface-to-air guided missile was to be operational with at least 27 units of the U.S. fleet. It was scheduled to replace the original Terrier, which had been on duty with fleet units since early in 1956. Powered by two stages of solid fuel rockets, the missile was cpable of supersonic speeds.
Advance Terrier

Titan, a U.S. Air Force ICBM, blasted from the launching pad prior to the first successful separation of its two stages during its May 5 test flight.

A data capsule ejected from the nose cone of this 130-ton Atlas ICBM was recovered less than three hours after the missile was launched, on August 24.

A Mercury space capsule ejected from a Little Joe rocket during a test flight fired from the NASA Wallops Island, Virginia, facility was successfully recovered by a U.S. Navy ship a short time later.

The Mace, an inertially guided surface-to-surface Air Force missile built by the Martin Company, was fired successfully in its March 26 test flight.

In the Year 1959

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