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Conservative and Unionist Party

Britain's oldest political party evolved as the successor to the Tory Party in the 1830's. The party includes as tenets of conservatism the continuance of monarchial parliamentary government.

Brief History

Beginning about 1830, the name Conservative was applied to the direct descendants of the old Tory Party. In common use "Conservative" never entirely superseded "Tory," the two terms existing side by side and being treated as synonymous. With the secession of the Liberal Unionists from the Liberal Party in 1886 over Gladstone's proposal of Home Rule for Ireland, the term "Unionist" also came into use, first applying to both Conservative and Liberal Unionist parties and later, as the distinction between these disappeared, as a further name, particularly favored in Scotland and Northern Ireland, for the party as a whole.

Party organization developed directly from the constitutional or conservative associations established throughout the country after the Reform Act of 1832. The National Union of Conservative and Constitutional Associations formed a confederation in 1867 in alliance with the central office and the party whips. From this grew the National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations, with its constituency organizations grouped in 12 areas at mid-20th century, and separate bodies for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Party Leaders

1809-1812 Spencer Perceval
1812-1827 Earl of Liverpool
1827 George Canning
1827-1828 Viscount Goderich
1828-1834 Duke of Wellington
1834-1846 Sir Robert Peel
1846-1868 Earl of Derby
1868-1881 Benjamin Disraeli
1881-1902 Marquess of Salisbury
1902-1911 Arthur James Balfour
1911-1921 Andrew Bonar Law
1921-1922 Austen Chamberlain
1922-1923 Andrew Bonar Law
1923-1937 Stanley Baldwin
1937-1940 Arthur Neville Chamberlain
1940-1955 Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
1955-1957 Sir Robert Anthony Eden
1957-1963 Maurice Harold Macmillan
1963-1965 Sir Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home
1965-1975 Edward Richard George Heath
1975-1990 Margaret Hilda Thatcher
1990-1997 John Major
1997-2001 William Jefferson Hague
2001-2003 George Iain Duncan Smith
2003-2005 Michael Howard
2005-2016 David William Donald Cameron
2016- Theresa Mary May

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Spencer Perceval
Duke of Wellington
Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
Sir Robert Anthony Eden
Maurice Harold Macmillan
Sir Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home
Margaret Hilda Thatcher

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