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Agadir Earthquake

February 29-March 1, 1960

Aerial view showing destruction in the newer section of Agadir, an estimated 70% of which was destroyed. Only about 5% of the older section was undamaged.
aerial view of destruction

Wreckage in the streets of Agadir. The two earthquakes were followed by a tidal wave and fire, leaving almost 45,000 homeless.
wreckage on the streets

Remnant of a building surrounded by rubble after the earthquake. The cost of rebuilding the city was estimated at $100,000,000.
destroyed building

Bodies of the dead lining a highway. About 5,000 persons were buried in mass graves on March 6. The total death count was about 20,000.
bodies of the dead

Crown Prince Mulay Hassan (left) and King Mohammed V visiting camp where survivors of the Agadir earthquake were housed. The King pldeged his personal fortune as collateral for a loan to rebuild the city.
monarchs visiting camp

Injured survivors arriving at Casablanca ina Spanish plane. U.S. and French planes also served in the airlift.
survivor airlift


U.S. Geological Survey

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