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1066 William the Conqueror landed in England.

1106 English King Henry I defeated his brother Robert at the Battle of Tinchebria.

1362 Guillaim de Grimoard was elected as Pope Urban V.

1394 Cardinal Pedro de Luna of Aragon was chosen as (anti)Pope Benedictus XIII.

1448 Christian I was crowned King of Denmark.

1542 Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovered San Diego Bay.

1687 Venetians took Athens, Greece, from the Turks.

1701 Divorce was legalized in Maryland.

1760 A combined Russian and Austrian army occupied Berlin.

Battle of Yorktown1781 The Battle of Yorktown began.

1787 The Congress sent the Constitution to state legislatures for ratification.

Frances E. Willard1839 American temperance leader Frances E. Willard was born.

1841 Georges Clemenceau, Premier of France, was born.

1844 Oscar I of Sweden-Norway was crowned King of Sweden.

1856 Author Kate Douglas Wiggin was born.

1858 Donati's Comet became the first to be photographed.

1867 The United States took control of Midway Island.

1889 The first General Conference on Weights and Measures defined the length of a meter.

Herman Melville1891 Novelist Herman Melville died.

1892 The first night football game was played, at Mansfield, Pennsylvania.
Playwright Elmer Rice was born.

1893 Chicago Sun-Times founder Marshall Field III was born.

Louis Pasteur1895 Louis Pasteur, chemist and biologist who discovered the process of pasteurization, died.

1902 Variety show host Ed Sullivan was born.

1909 Cartoonist Al Capp was born.

1912 The SS Kichemaru, with 1,000 persons aboard, disappeared in a storm off the Japanese coast.

1914 German forces moved into Antwerp, Belgium.

1916 Actor Peter Finch was born.

1919 The Giants beat the Phillies 6-1 in the fastest Major League Baseball game ever played, 51 minutes.

1920 Eight members of the Chicago White Sox were indicted for crimes related to the throwing of the 1919 World Series.

1923 The first issue of Radio Times was published.

Jerry Clower1926 Comedian Jerry Clower was born.

1928 Warmack's Gully Jumpers held the first ever recording session in Nashville, Tennessee.
1928 Juan de la Cierva made the first ever helicopter flight over the English Channel.
1928 The United States acknowledged the Chinese government of Chiang Kai-shek.

1934 Actress Brigitte Bardot was born.

1937 U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River.

1938 Singer Ben E. King was born.

1953 The last new episode of the "Bob & Ray Show" aired on NBC-TV.
Astronomer Edwin Hubble died.

1956 Aircraft company founder William Boeing died.

1958 France adopted a constitution establishing the Fifth Republic.

1961 "Dr. Kildare" debuted on NBC-TV.
1961 "Hazel" debuted on NBC-TV.

1964 Comic actor Harpo Marx died.

1967 Actress Moon Unit Zappa was born.

Gamal Abdel Nasser1970 Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser died.
1970 Author John Dos Passos died.

1973 Palestinian terrorists hijacked an Austrian train.

1976 Stevie Wonder released Songs in the Key of Life.

1978 The Israeli Knesset endorsed the Camp David Accord.
Pope John Paul I died.

1980 "Cosmos," starring Carl Sagan, premiered on PBS.

1981 Olivia Newton-John released "Physical."

1987 "Star Trek: The Next Generation" debuted on sydicated television.
1987 Actress Hilary Duff was born.

Ferdinand Marcos1989 Ferdinand Marcos, President of the Philippines, died.

1992 A Pakistani Airbus A-300 crashed into a mountain near Kathmandu, Nepal, killing 167 persons.

1993 A gas field in Caracas, Venezuela, exploded, killing 53 persons.

1994 An Estonian ferry capsized and sank in the Baltic Sea, killing 909 persons.

1995 Bob Denard and a group of mercenaries took the Comoros islands in a coup.

1997 Television newsman David Brinkley retired, after 54 years in broadcasting.

2000 Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau died.

2003 Tennis player Althea Gibson died.

2008 SpaceX launched the first ever private spacecraft, the Falcon 1, into orbit.

2009 Guillermo Endara, former President of Panama, died.

2010 Opera singer Dolores Wilson died.

2015 NASA scientists announced the discovery of flowing water on Mars.
2015 Singer Frankie Ford died.

2016 Television producer Agnes Nixon died.
2016 Former Israeli President Shimon Peres died.

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