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Christopher Columbus1493 Christopher Columbus set sail on his second voyage to America.

1534 Pope Clement VII died.

Vasco Nunez de Balboa1513 Vasco Nez de Balboa became the first European to see the eastern shore of the Pacific Ocean.

1639 The first printing press in America began operation.

1690 Publick Occurrences, the first newspaper in the American colonies, published its first, and last, edition.

William Howe1777 British General William Howe captured Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1789 The U. S. Congress proposed a Bill of Rights.

1804 The 12th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, changing details of presidential elections, was proclaimed.

Zachary Taylor1846 U. S. troops under General Zachary Taylor occupied Monterey, Mexico.

1867 Howard University was created by the U. S. Congress.

1882 Teams from Rochester and Providence played the first ever baseball doubleheader.

Yosemite National Park1890 Yosemite National Park was established.

1897 Author William Faulkner was born.

1906 Composer Dmitri Shostakovich was born.

Columbia University1912 The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism was founded.

1916 Baseball player Phil Rizzuto was born.

Woodrow Wilson1919 President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke.

Hammer DeRoburt1922 Hammer DeRoburt, the first President of Nauru, was born.

1924 Malcolm Campbell set a world auto speed record at 146.16 mph.

Henry Ford1926 Henry Ford announced implementation of an 8-hour, 5-day work week.
1926 The National Hockey League granted franchises to the Chicago Black Hawks and the Detroit Red Wings.
1926 Actor Aldo Ray was born.

1928 Cartoonist Richard Outcault died.

1930 Poet Shel Silverstein was born.

1933 Journalist Ring Lardner died.

1934 Lou Gehring played in his 1,500th consecutive baseball game.

1936 Joe Medwick set a still-standing National League record with his 64th career double.

1941 The Brooklyn Dodgers won their first pennant in 21 years.

1944 Actor Michael Douglas was born.

1947 Sao Shwe Thaik was elected Provisional President of the Union of Burma and Thaikin Nu was elected Prime Minister.
Model Cheryl Tiegs was born.

1949 Actor Anson Williams was born.

1951 Actor Mark Hamill was born.

1952 Actor Christopher Reeve was born.

1954 Francois Duvalier was elected President of Haiti.

1956 The first transatlantic telephone cable went into operation.
1956 Television personality Jamie Hyneman was born.

1957 U. S. troops insured safe passage for nine black students at Little Rock Central High School.

John Broadus Watson1958 John Broadus Watson, founder of behavioral psychology, died.

1959 Prime Minister Solomon W. R. D. Bandaranaike of Ceylon was assassinated by a Buddhist monk.

Emily Post1960 Emily Post, etiquette expert and adviser, died.

1961 Actress Heather Locklear was born.

Juan Bosch1963 Dominican Republic President Juan Bosch was ousted by the armed forces.

1965 Basketball player Scottie Pippen was born.

1968 Actor Will Smith was born.

1969 Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was born.

1971 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black died.

1976 Baseball player Red Faber died.

1979 The Montreal Star ceased publication after 111 years.

1981 Sandra Day O'Connor was sworn in as the first female Supreme Court Justice.

King Leopold III1983 King Leopold III of Belgium died.

1984 Actor Walter Pidgeon died.

1987 Actress Mary Astor died.

1988 Billy Carter, brother of former President Jimmy Carter, died.

Klaus Barbie1991 Nazi Gestapo officer Klaus Barbie died.

2003 Author George Plimpton died.

2005 Actor Don Adams died.

2016 Golfer Arnold Palmer died.
2016 Musician Jean Shepard died.

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