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Our Lady of Meritxell Day (Andorra)

King Richard I1157 King Richard I of England was born.

1331 Stefan Dušan declared himself King of Serbia.

Ludovico Ariosto1474 Poet Ludovico Ariosto was born.

1504 Michelangelo's David was unveiled in Florence.

New Amsterdam1664 Peter Stuyvesant surrendered New Amsterdam to the British, who renamed it New York.

1771 Mission San Gabriel Archangel was established in California.

1837 Geologist and explorer Raphael Pumpelly was born.

1841 Composer Antonín Dvorák was born.
1841 Charles Guiteau, assassin of President James A. Garfield, was born.

John Neely Bryan1877 John Neely Bryan, founder of Dallas, Texas, died.

Robert A. Taft1889 U.S. Senator Robert Alphonso Taft was born.

1892 The "Pledge of Allegiance" was published in Youth's Companion.

Lutie Lytle1897 Lutie Lytle became the third African-American woman licensed to practice law in the United States.
1897 Singer Jimmie Rodgers was born.

1900 Galveston, Texas, was struck by a hurricane and tidal wave; more than 5,000 people were killed.

1921 Margaret Gorman (Miss District of Columbia) was crowned as the first Miss America in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

1922 Comic Sid Caeser was born.
1922 Economist Lyndon LaRouche was born.

1925 Actor Peter Sellers was born.

1927 Cessna-Roos Aircraft Company was formed.

1930 The comic strip "Blondie" debuted.
1930 Richard Drew invented Scotch tape.

1932 Singer Patsy Cline was born.

1933 King Faisal I of Iraq died.

1943 Italy announced its surrender to the Allies.

1947 Bassist Benjamin Orr was born.

1949 Composer Richard Strauss died.

1952 Ernest Hemmingway's Old Man and the Sea was published.

SEATO1954 Eight nations signed the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty, forming the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization.

Joshua Lionel Cowen1965 Joshua Lionel Cowen, inventor of the Lionel Trains, died.

1966 "Star Trek" premiered on NBC-TV.
1966 "That Girl" premiered on ABC-TV.

Republic of Uganda1967 The Republic of Uganda was established.

1969 Game show host Bud Collyer died.

Kennedy Center1971 The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts formally opened to the general public.
1971 Actor David Arquette was born.

1974 U.S. President Gerald Ford pardoned former President Richard Nixon for any and all crimes he may have committed while in office.

1977 Actor Zero Mostel died.

1979 Singer Pink was born.

Ibrahim Abboud1983 Ibrahim Abboud, former military leader of the Sudan, died.

1987 Rapper Wiz Khalifa was born.

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