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1159 Pope Adrian IV died.

1267 Rabbi Moses Ben Nachman established a Jewish community in Jerusalem.

1557 Explorer Jacques Cartier died.

1609 Pieter Both was sworn in as the first Governor General of the Dutch East Indies.

1715 King Louis XIV of France died.

Liberty Bell1752 The Liberty Bell arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1772 Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa was established in California.

1799 The Bank of Manhattan Company (now Chase Manhattan) opened in New York City, New York.

Aaron Burr1807 Aaron Burr was acquitted of charges of plotting to set up an empire.

William Clark1838 American explorer William Clark died.

1849 The California Constitutional Convention convened in Monterey.

1854 Composer Engelbert Humperdinck was born.

1859 The first Pullman Sleeping Car went into service.
1859 R.C Carrington and R. Hodgson made the first recorded observation a of solar flare.

1875 Novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs was born.

1878 Emma Nutt became the first female telephone operator to report for work, in Boston, Massachusetts.

1890 Boston and Pittsburgh played the first baseball tripleheader.

1894 A wildfire destroyed Hinckley, Minnesota, and killed 438 persons.

1897 Boston, Massachusetts, became the first city in North America to have an underground rapid transit system.

1905 The Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were established.

Passenger Pigeon1914 The last passenger pigeon died in the Cincinnati Zoo.

1922 Actress Yvonne De Carlo was born.

1923 A magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan, killing 142,000 people.

1924 Boxer Rocky Marciano was born.

1928 Zogu I became the first King of Albania.

1931 Singer Boxcar Willie was born.

1933 Singer Conway Twitty was born.

Seiji Ozawa1935 Conductor Seiji Ozawa was born.

1939 Germany invaded Poland.
1939 Actress Lily Tomlin was born.

Lillian D. Wald1940 Nurse and social reformer Lillian D. Wald died.

1941 Germany instituted a law requiring Jews to wear a yellow Star of David.

1946 Patty Berg won the first U.S. Women's Golf Open.
Musician Barry Gibb was born.

1948 The World Health Organization was established.

1950 West Berlin, Germany, was granted a constitution.

1951 Australia, New Zealand, and the United States signed a mutual defense treaty.

1954 Hurricane Carol killed 68 persons in New England.

1955 Billy Blanks, inventor of Taebo, was born.

Re-burial of Benito Mussolini1957 The remains of Benito Mussolini were re-interred in a family crypt in Predappio, Italy.
1957 Singer Gloria Estefan was born.

1961 The Soviet Union exploded an atomic bomb in the air over Siberia, ending a three-year moratorium.
1961 A Trans World Airlines Constellation crashed four minutes after taking off from Midway Airport, Chicago, Illinois, killing all 78 persons aboard.
Architect Eero Saarinen died.

1968 An earthquake destroyed Ferdows, Iran, and killed 2,000 people.

1969 King Idris of Libya was deposed by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

1972 Bobby Fischer defeated Boris Spassky for the world chess championship.

1973 The Hafnia Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, was destroyed by a fire that also killed 35 persons.

1974 An SR-71 Blackbird flew from New York, New York, to London, England, in the record time of 1 hour 54 minutes 56.4 seconds.

1975 The last new episode of "Gunsmoke" aired.

1976 The Meadowlands racetrack opened in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

1977 Tracy Austin became the youngest female to play in the U.S. Open (14 years 8 months 20 days).
Singer Ethel Waters died.

1979 A court in Los Angeles, California, ordered Clayton Moore to stop wearing the Lone Ranger mask.

1983 A South Korean Boeing 747 strayed into Siberians airspace and was shot down by a Soviet jet fighter.

1985 A U.S.-French expedition located the wreckage of the Titanic.

1995 The State of New York reinstated the death penalty.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opened in Cleveland, Ohio.

2004 Terrorists took hundreds of school children and adults hostage in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia.

2008 Singer Jerry Reed died.

2012 Two suicide bombings killed 12 persons and wounded 50 others on a NATO base in Sayed Abad, Afghanistan.
2012 A grenade injured 41 festival celebrants in Paquibato, Philippines.

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