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1285 King Philippe III of France died.

1582 The Gregorian Calendar was introduced in Italy.

1713 Author Denis Diderot was born.

1763 King Augustus III of Poland died.

1789 Women of Paris marched to Versailles to confront Louis XVI about his refusal to promulgate the decrees on the abolition of feudalism, demand bread, and have the King and his court moved to Paris.

1796 Spain declared war on England.

1805 British General Lord Charles Cornwallis died.

Tecumseh1813 Tecumseh, Shawnee chief, was killed.

Chester Alan Arthur1829 Chester Alan Arthur, 21st President of the United States, was born.

1848 Physician Edward L. Trudeau was born.

1857 The city of Anaheim, California, was founded.

1864 Louis Lumière, the inventor of motion pictures, was born.

Chief Joseph1877 Chief Joseph and his Nez Percé "followers" surrendered to federal authorities.

1879 Francis Peyton Rous, winner of the 1966 Nobel Prize for Medicine, was born.

Robert Goddard1882 Rocket scientist Robert Goddard was born.

Dalton Gang1892 The Dalton Gang was wiped out after attempting to rob two Coffeyville, Kansas, banks at the same time.

1902 Larry Fine, of Three Stooges fame, was born.
Ray Kroc1902 Ray Kroc, founder of the McDonald's franchise, was born.

1908 Bulgaria declared its independence from Turkey.
Playwright Joshua Logan was born.

1910 Portugal overthrew the monarchy and declared itself a republic.

1917 Game show host Allen Ludden was born.

1921 The Yankees beat the Yankees 3-0 in the first World Series game ever to be broadcast by radio.

1922 Cartoonist Bil Keane was born.

1924 The comic strip "Little Orphan Annie" debuted in the New York Daily News.

Richard Francis Gordon, Jr.1929 Astronaut Richard Francis Gordon, Jr. was born.

1930 A British airship crashed in a storm at Beauvais, France, killing 48 persons.

Vaclav Havel1936 Vàclav Havel, first President of the Czech Republic, was born.

1941 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis died.

1943 Singer/songwriter Steve Miller was born.

1944 France granted women the right to vote.

1945 "Meet the Press" premiered on NBC Radio.

1947 President Harry S Truman made the first presidential televised address from the White House.
1947 AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson was born.

1951 Musician Bob Geldof was born.

1956 The Ten Commandments opened in the United States.

1957 Comedian Bernie Mac was born.

1958 Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was born.

1961 A commuter train ran into a repair train on a curve of an elevated railroad track in Hamburg, West Germany, killing 35 persons.

1962 The Beatles released their first record, "Love Me Do."
1962 Dr. No premiered in London, England.
1962 Auto racer Michael Andretti was born.

1969 "Monty Python's Flying Circus" premiered on BBC-TV.
1969 Golfer Walter Hagen died.

1972 Basketball player Grant Hill was born.

1973 Elton John released Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

1975 Actress Kate Winslet was born.

1983 Earl Tupper, thr inventor of Tupperware, died.

1991 A military transport plane crashed at Jakarta, Indonesia, killing 133 persons.

1992 Singer Eddie Kendricks died.

1996 Seymour Cray, inventor of the Cray supercomputer, died.

2004 Comedian Rodney Dangerfield died.

2011 Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs died.

2016 Auto racer Brock Yates died.

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