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Independence Day (Guinea)

Saladin1187 A Muslim army led by Saladin captured Jerusalem.

1264 Pope Urban IV died.

1452 King Richard III of England was born.

1492 King Henry VII of England invaded France.

John Andre1780 John André, the British officer who accepted Benedict Arnold's offer to surrender West Point, was hanged as a spy.

Turner's Rebellion1800 Nat Turner, leader of a slave revolt in Virginia, was born.

Samuel Adams1803 Samuel Adams, signer of the American Declaration of Independence, died.

1833 The New York Anti-Slavery Society was organized.

1835 Texans won the first battle of their revolution against Mexico at Gonzales.

1847 German President Paul von Hindenburg was born.

1866 J. Osterhoudt patented a tin can with key opener.

Mohandas Gandhi1869 Mohandas Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement, was born.

1870 Italy annexed Rome and the Papal States.

Cordell Hull1871 American statesman Cordell Hull was born.

Carl T. Hayden1877 Carl T. Hayden, longest-serving United States Senator in history, was born.

1889 The first Pan American conference began in Washington, D.C.

1890 Comedian Groucho Marx was born.

Bud Abbott1895 Comedian Bud Abbott was born.

Paz Estenssoro1907 Ángel Victor Paz Estenssoro, three-time President of Bolivia, was born.

Winfield Scott Schley1909 Rear Admiral Winfield Scott Schley died.

1916 The San Diego Zoo was founded.

Woodrow Wilson1919 U.S. President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke.

1928 Actor Spanky McFarland was born.

1935 Italy invaded Abyssinia.

1936 The world's first alcohol power plant was established in Atchison, Kansas.

1937 Attorney Johnnie Cochran was born.

1942 The first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction was demonstrated in Chicago.

1945 Singer Don McLean was born.

1947 Yogi Berra became the first to hit a home run as a pinch hitter in the World Series.

1948 Actor Avery Brooks was born.
1948 Fashion designer Donna Karan was born.

1950 The comic strip "Peanuts" debuted, as "Li'l Folks."
1950 Singer-musician Mike Rutherford was born.

1951 Singer Sting was born.

1955 "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" premiered on CBS-TV.

Guinea1958 Guinea became the first French colony in western Africa to gain its independence.

1959 "Twilight Zone" premiered on CBS-TV.

1961 "Ben Casey" premiered on NBC-TV.

1967 Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as the first black Justice of the Supreme Court.

1970 A plane carrying members of the Wichita State University football team crashed, killing 30.
1970 Actress Kelly Ripa was born.

1971 Singer Tiffany was born.

1980 Michael Myers became the first U.S. Congressman to be expelled in more than 100 years.

1984 Three cosmonauts returned to Earth after a record 237 days in orbit.
1984 Richard Miller became the first FBI agent ever to be charged with esponiage.

1985 Actor Rock Hudson died.

Gene Autry1998 Gene Autry, the first "singing cowboy," died.

2001 "Scrubs" premiered on NBC-TV.

2005 The tour boatEthan Allen capsized on Lake George in Upstate New York, killing 20 persons.
Comic Nipsey Russell died.

2006 Charles Carl Roberts shot and killed five girls at an Amish school in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, and then committed suicide.

2012 Ten persons were killed when a minibus and truck collided in Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

2013 An accident involving an SUV, church bus, and tractor trailer in Jefferson County, Tennessee, killed 8 persons and injured 14 others.

2014 Fifteen persons were killed when a gun powder plant exploded in Gorni Lom, Bulgaria.

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