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Queen Isabella1504 Queen Isabella of Spain died.

1648 Pope Innocent X condemned the Peace of Westphalia.

James Cook1778 Captain James Cook discovered Maui (in what is now Hawaii).

Thanksgiving1789 The first national Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by President George Washington.

1825 The first college fraternity, Kappa Alpha, was founded at Union College.

1832 The first streetcar railway in America began operating, in New York City.

John Loudon McAdam1836 John Loudon McAdam, developer of the macadamized road surface, died.

1842 The University of Notre Dame was fouded.

1853 Frontier lawman Bat Masterson was born.

1861 West Virginia adopted a state constitution.

1865 Alice in Wonderland was published in the United States.

1867 The refrigerated railroad car was patented by J.B. Sutherland.

Willis Haviland Carrier1876 Inventor Willis Haviland Carrier was born.

1880 Businessman Walt Anderson was born.

1885 The first photograph of a meteor was taken.

1895 The Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association was formed.

1899 Bruno Hauptman, kidnapper of the "Lindbergh Baby," was born.

1909 Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at the City College of New York.

1912 Television news journalst Eric Sevareid was born.

1913 Phi Sigma Sigma was founded at Hunter College.

1914 The battleship HMS Bulwark exploded at Sherness Harbour, England, killing 788 persons.
Actor Robert Alda was born.

1916 Greece declared war on Germany.

1917 The National Hockey League was formed.

1922 Howard Carter opened King Tut's tomb.
1922 Cartoonist Charles Schulz was born.

1924 The Mongolian People's Republic was proclaimed.

1933 Singer Robert Goulet was born.

1938 Celebrity impersonator Rich Little was born.

1939 Entertainer Wayland Flowers was born.
1939 Singer Tina Turner was born.

1940 Nazis forced 500,000 Warsaw Jews to live in a walled ghetto.

Lebanon1941 Lebanon gained its independence from France.

1942 Casablanca premiered at Hollywood Theatre in New York City, New York.

1945 Bassist John McVie was born.

India1949 India adopted a constitution as a British Commonwealth Republic.

1950 China entered the Korean War by sending troops across the Yalu River.

1956 "The Price Is Right" debuted on NBC-TV.
1956 Auto racer Dale Jarrett was born.
1956 Bandleader Tommy Dorsey died.

1960 The Minneapolis-St. Paul baseball club took the name Twins.
Thomas DeWitt Milling1960 Early Army aviator Thomas DeWitt Milling died.

1962 The Beatles held their first recording session under that name.

1965 France launched its first satellite.

President Richard Nixon1969 The Lottery for Selective Service Draftees bill was signed by President Richard Nixon.

Benjamin Oliver Davis1970 Benjamin Oliver Davis, the first black to attain the rank of General of the U.S. Army, died.

1975 A federal jury found Lynette Fromme guilty of attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

1976 The Sex Pistols released their debut single "Anarchy In The UK."

1978 Ten persons died when fire destroyed a Holiday Inn in Greece, New York.

2016 Actor Fritz Weaver died.

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