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1241 Pope Celestine IV died.

1483 Religious reformer Martin Luther was born.

1549 Pope Paul III died.

1683 King George II of Great Britain was born.

1697 Painter William Hogarth was born.

1759 Poet Friedrich von Schiller was born.

1766 Queen's Collee (now Rutgers University) was chartered.

1775 The United States Marine Corps was established by Congress.*

White House1792 Construction of the White House began.

1801 Kentucky outlawed dueling.

John Trumbull1843 Painter John Trumbull died.

1844 John S.D. Thompson, Prime Minister of Canada, was born.

1871 Novelist Winston Churchill was born.

1874 Arctic explorer Donald MacMillan was born.

1889 Actor Claude Rains was born.

1891 The first Woman's Christian Temperance Union meeting was held, in Boston.
1891 Granville T. Woods patented the electric railway.

1895 Businessman Jack Northrop was born.

1908 The first Gideon Bible* was put in a hotel room.

Andrew Carnegie1911 Andrew Carnegie formed Carnegie Corporation for charitable and scholarly work.

Julius Augustus Wayland1912 Julius Augustus Wayland, publisher of two of the largest Socialist newspapers in the world, died.

1917 Forty-one suffragists were arrested in front of the White House.

1919 The American Legion held its first national convention, in Minneapolis.
1919 Moise Tshombe, leader of the Katanga secessionist movement, was born.

1924 Actor Russell Johnson was born.

1925 Actor Richard Burton was born.

Hirohito1928 Hirohito was installed as the Emperor of Japan.

1932 Actor Roy Scheider was born.

Kemal Ataturk1938 Turkish President Kemal Ataturk died.

1944 Songwriter Tim Rice was born.

1948 Musician Greg Lake was born.

1951 The first long distance telephone call without operator assistance was completed.

1954 The Iwo Jima Memorial was dedicated in Arlington National Cemetery.
1954 U.S. Congressman Bill Johnson was born.

1956 Comedian Sinbad was born.
Harry Sinclair1956 Oil man Harry Sinclair died.

1959 Actress Mackenzie Phillips was born.

1960 The U.S. Senate passed the Civil Rights Bill.

1963 Gordie Howe scored the 545th goal of his career to break the NHL record.

1968 Actress Tracy Morgan was born.

1969 Sesame Street* premiered on PBS.

1975 The ore ship Edmund Fitzgerald and its crew of 29 were lost in a storm on Lake Superior.

Gary Gilmore1976 The Utah Supreme Court okayed the execution of convicted murderer Gary Gilmore.

1977 The Major Indoor Soccer League was officially organized, in New York City.
1977 Actress Brittany Murphy was born.

1982 Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev died.

1983 Singer Miranda Lambert was born.

Berlin Wall1989 Germans began puching holes in the Berlin Wall.

1992 Actor Chuck Connors died.

2001 Novelist Ken Kesey died.

2006 Actor Jack Palance died.

2007 Author Norman Mailer died.

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