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Swedish National Holiday

1523 Gustav Vasa was elected Kind of Sweden, ending the Kalmar Union.

Ludovico Ariosto1533 Poet Ludovico Ariosto died.

Nathan Hale1755 Nathan Hale, hero of the American Revolution, was born.

John Trumbull1756 Painter John Trumbull was born.

Aleksandr Pushkin1799 Poet Aleksandr Pushkin was born.
Patrick Henry1799 Patrick Henry, hero of the American Revolution, died.

1804 Louis Antoine Godey, publisher of Godey's Lady's Book, was born.

1832 Philosopher Jeremy Bentham died.

1844 The YMCA was organized in London.

1862 The Battle of Memphis was fought.
1862 The Battle of Port Royal was fought.

William Quantrill1865 William Quantrill, leader of Confederate raiders during the Civil War, died.

1867 Businessman David Abercrombie was born.

Robert F. Scott1868 Antarctic explorer Robert F. Scott was born.

1875 Novelist Thomas Mann was born.

1882 The electric iron was patented by Henry W. Seely.

John Alexander Macdonald1891 John Alexander Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada, died.

1898 Businessman Eli Lilly died.

1900 The U.S. Congress passed an act authorizing a civil code and government for the territory of Alaska.

1922 Actress Lillian Russell died.

1923 Author V.C. Andrews was born.

Walter Chrysler1928 Walter Chrysler founded the Chrysler Corporation.

1932 The Revenue Act of 1932 was enacted, creating the first gas tax in the United States, at a rate of 1 cent per US gallon.
David R. Scott1932 Astronaut David R. Scott was born.

1933 The first drive-in theater opened, in Camden, New Jersey.

Securities and Exchange Commission1934 The Securities and Exchange Commission was established.
Television journalist Bill Moyers was born.

1936 Aviation gasoline was produced commercially for the first time, at Paulsboro, New Jersey.
1936 Singer Levi Stubbs was born.

1939 Singer Gary "U.S." Bonds was born.

Louis-Joseph Chevrolet1941 Race car driver and designer Louis-Joseph Chevrolet died.

1942 The Battle of Midway ended in an Allied victory.

1944 Allied forces landed in Normandy, France.

1947 Actor Robert Englund was born.

1948 Inventor Louis Lumière died.

1956 Tennis player Bjorn Borg was born.

USS Independence1958 The aircraft carrier USS Independence was launched.
1958 Moslem rebels attacked Lebanese government forces in the Tripoli-Halba area.

1961 Psychiatrist Carl Jung died.

Robert F. Kennedy1968 American politician Robert F. Kennedy died.

1976 Businessman J. Paul Getty, Sr. died.

Proposition 131978 California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 13.

1991 Jazz musician Stan Getz died.

2005 Actress Anne Bancroft died.
2005 Actor Dana Elcar died.

2006 Singer Billy Preston died.

2016 Actress Theresa Saldana died.
2016 Playwright Peter Shaffer died.

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