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1391 A mob led by Ferrand Martinez surrounded and set fire to the Jewish quarter of Seville, Spain.

1615 Forces under Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu took Osaka Castle in Japan.

King Charles I1647 An English Parliamentary army under Cornet George Joyce took King Charles I as a prisoner.

King George III1738 King George III of Great Britain was born.

1745 Frederick the Great of Prussia defeated Austrians and Saxons at Hohenfriedberg Silezie.

1789 The U. S. Constitution went into effect.

1792 Captain George Vancouver claimed Puget Sound for Great Britain.
John Burgoyne1792 British General John Burgoyne died.

1794 The U. S. Congress passed the Neutrality Act, banning Americans from serving in the armed forces of foreign powers.

1802 King Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia abdicated in favor of his brother, Victor Emmanuel.

1812 The Louisiana Territory was renamed Missouri Territory.

James Lawrence1813 James Lawrence, American naval officer, was killed in battle.

King Leopold1831 Léopold Georges Chrétien Frédéric was elected as the first King of Belgium.

1859 A French-Sardinian army led by Napoleon III defeated an Austrian army led by Marshal Ferencz Gyulai in the Battle of Magenta.

1870 Kingfisher won the Belmont Stakes.

1878 Turkey ceded Cyprus to the United Kingdom for administrative purposes.

1884 Jim McLaughlin rode Panique to victory in the Belmont Stakes.

1892 An oil tank explosion destroyed Oil City and Titusville, Pennsylvania, and killed 130 persons.

1907 Actress Rosalind Russell was born.

1912 Massachusetts passed the first minimum wage law in the United States.

1917 The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire was inaugurated by King George V to recognize the efforts of his people in World War I.

1918 American and French troops stopped the German advance on Paris at Château-Thierry.
1918 American politician Charles W. Fairbanks died.

1919 The U. S. Congress passed the 19th Amendment, granting women the vote, and sent it to the states for ratification.
1919 U. S. Marines invaded Costa Rica.

1924 Actor Dennis Weaver was born.

1927 The United States defeated England at the Worcester (Massachusetts) Country Club to win the first Ryder Cup.

1928 Japanese agents assassinated Zhang Zoulin, President of the Republic of China.
Sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer was born.

1932 Edouard Herriot became Premier of France.
1932 Colonel Marmaduke Grove led a coup against Chilean President Juan Esteban Montero.
Tom Malley rode Faireno to victory in the Belmont Stakes.

1936 Actor Bruce Dern was born.

1937 Singer Freddy Fender was born.

1938 James Stout rode Pasteurized to victory in the Belmont Stakes.

1940 The British completed the evacuation of 338,226 Allied troops from Dunkirk, France.

1942 The Battle of Midway began.

1944 Rome, Italy, fell to the Allies.
1944 Singer Michelle Phillips was born.

1949 "Cavalcade of Stars" premiered on the DuMont Network.

1954 France granted Vietnam independence within the French Union.

Charles D Gaulle1958 French Premier Charles De Gaulle offered equal participation in Algerian government to Moslems.
1958 Tornadoes in northwestern Wisconsin killed 30 persons, injured 350 others, and caused damage estimated at $10 million in a 90-mile area.

1961 A landslide in southern Formosa buried a village and two trains and killed 45 persons.

1966 William Boland rode Amberoid to victory in the Belmont Stakes.

1967 British Midland Flight G-ALHG crashed in Hopes Carr, Stockport, England, killing 72 persons.

1969 A Mexican Airways jet crashed and burned on a mountain in Monterrey, Mexico, killing all 79 persons aboard.
1969 Exiles carried out an aerial bombing of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, igniting fires which killed three persons.

Kingdom of Tonga1970 The Kingdom of Tonga gained independence from a United Kingdom protectorate.
1970 Libby Childress won the National Spelling Bee, with the word "croissant."

Roy Campanella1972 The Los Angeles Dodgers retired Roy Campanella's jersey number 39.

1973 A patent for the ATM was granted to Don Wetzel, Tom Barnes and George Chastain.

1975 Actress Angelina Jolie was born.

1979 John Vorster resigned as President of South Africa.
1979 The military government of Ghanian General Fred W. Akuffa was overthrown.
Kemper Arena1979 The roof of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, collapsed during a violent rainstorm.

1981 Paige Pipkin won the National Spelling Bee, with the word "sarcophagus."

1989 Chinese troops with tanks and armored cars stormed Tiananmen Square, killing hundreds of protesters.

Fernando Belaunde Terry2002 Fernando Belaúnde Terry, two-time President of Peru, died.

2007 Bill France., Jr., CEO of NASCAR, died.

2008 The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins to win the Stanley Cup.

2012 A car bomb killed 26 persons and injured 190 others in central Baghdad, Iraq.
2012 A wedding party bus crashed in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing 23 persons and injuring 60 others.

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