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Comte de Rochambeau1725 Comte de Rochambeau, French commander in the American Revolution, was born.

Gideon Welles1802 Gideon Welles, U. S. Secretary of the Navy during the Civil War, was born.

1804 Author George Sand was born.

1823 The United Provinces of Central America gained independence from Mexico.

Smithsonian Institution1836 The U. S. Congress passed legislation accepting the bequest of James Smithson, which was used to establish the Smithsonian Institution.

1847 The first U. S. postage stamps went on sale.

Charles Goodyear1860 Charles Goodyear, inventor of the process for vulcanizing rubber, died.

first U.S. income tax1862 The first United States income tax law was enacted.
1862 The Russian State Library was founded.

1863 The Battle of Gettysburg began.

1867 The British North America Act established the Dominion of Canada.

Louis Bleriot1872 Aviator Louis BlÚriot was born.
James Gordon Bennett1872 Newspaper publisher James Gordon Bennett died.

1873 Prince Edward Island became the 7th Canadian province.

1874 The first zoo in the U.S. opened in Philadelphia.

1875 The Universal Postal Union was established.

Benjamin Oliver Davis1877 U. S. Army General Benjamin Oliver Davis was born.

Allan Pinkerton1884 Allan Pinkerton, founder of Pinkerton National Detective Agency, died.

Harriet Beecher Stowe1896 Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, died.

1898 American troops occupied San Juan Hill, in Cuba.
1899 Actor Charles Laughton was born.

1899 The Gideon Society was established.

1903 The first Tour de France bicycle race began.
Amy Johnson1903 Aviator Amy Johnson was born.

1905 Albert Einstein introduced his theory of relativity.
1905 John Hay, former U. S. Secretary of State, died.

1908 Cosmetics company founder EstÚe Lauder was born.

David Ross Brower1912 Environmentalist David Ross Brower was born.

1916 The Battles of the Somme began.
1916 Actress Olivia de Havilland was born.

1921 The Communist Party of China was founded.

1928 Singer Bobby Day was born.

Wiley Post1931 Wiley Post and Harold Gatty completed a record-setting round-the-world flight of 8 days, 16 hours.

1934 Actor Jamie Farr was born.
1934 Film director Sydney Pollack was born.

1936 Businessman Wally Amos was born.

1941 Choreographer Twyla Tharp was born.

1942 Actress Karen Black was born.

1945 Singer Debbie Harry was born.

Operation Crossroads1946 The first peacetime atom bomb test was conducted on Bikini Atoll.

Eliel Saarinen1950 Architect Eliel Saarinen died.

1952 Actor Dan Aykroyd was born.

1955 Country musician Keith Whitley was born.

1957 The International Geophysical Year began.

1960 The Somali Democratic Republic was established.
Republic of Ghana1960 The Republic of Ghana was established.

1961 Haleakala National Park was established, in Hawaii.
1961 An Argentine Airlines plane crashed and burned near Buenos Aires, Argentina; 23 persons were killed, 12 others aboard were injured.
Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, was born.
1961 Olympic track star Carl Lewis was born.

1962 Burundi and Rwanda gained independence from Belgium.

1963 The U. S. Post Office instituted ZIP codes.

1966 Medicare went into effect.

1967 Actress Pamela Anderson was born.

1972 The first issue of Ms. magazine was published.

1974 Argentinian Juan Peron died.

1979 Sony introduced the Walkman.

1980 "O, Canada" became the official anthem of Canada.

1983 Architect R. Buckminster Fuller died.

1991 Actor Michael Landon died.

1995 Disc jockey Wolfman Jack died.

1997 Actor Robert Mitchum died.

Oresund Link2000 The Íresund Link, connecting Sweden and Denmark, was dedicated.
2000 Actor Walter Matthau died.

2003 Jazz flautist Herbie Mann died.

2004 The Cassini probe went into orbit around Saturn.
2004 Actor Marlon Brando died.

2005 Singer Luther Vandross died.

2009 Actor Karl Malden died.

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