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Feast of St. Rose of Lima

1181 Pope Alexander III died.

1483 King Louis XI of France died.

David Bushnell1740 David Bushnell, designer of the first submersible to be used in combat, was born.

1776 The Continental Army evacuated Long Island.

Comte de Grasse1781 A French fleet of 24 ships under Comte de Grasse defeated a British fleet under Admiral Graves at the Battle of Chesapeake Capes.

Stephen Watts Kearny1794 Stephen Watts Kearny, hero of the Mexican-American War, was born.

1797 Novelist Mary Shelley was born.

1800 Gabriel Prosser led a slave rebellion in Richmond, Virginia.

1835 Melbourne, Australia was founded.
William Taylor Barry1835 William Taylor Barry, the first Postmaster General of the United States to hold Cabinet rank, died.

1836 Houston, Texas was founded by Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen.

1862 The Second Battle of Bull Run began.
1862 The Battle of Second Manassas was fought.
1862 The Battle of Altamont was fought.

Ernest Rutherford1871 Physicist Ernest Rutherford was born.

1893 American politician Huey Long was born.

1896 Actor Raymond Massey was born.

1898 Actress Shirley Booth was born.

1901 Hubert Cecil Booth patented the vacuum cleaner.

1905 Ty Cobb made his Major League debut.

1908 Actor Fred MacMurray was born.

1918 Baseball player Ted Williams was born.

1925 The Travel Air "Special" made its first flight, a trip to the Tulsa (Oklahoma) Air Meet.

1928 Actor Bill Dailey was born.

1930 Businessman Warren Buffett was born.

1931 Astronaut Jack Swigert was born.

1935 Musician John Phillips was born.

1944 Baseball player Tug McGraw was born.

1948 Comedian Lewis Black was born.

1956 The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway opened.

1961 J.B. Parsons became the first African-American judge of a U.S. District Court.
1961 Actor Charles Coburn died.

1963 A hotline communication link between the Pentagon and the Kremlin was installed.
School desegregation began in South Carolina when eleven Negroes entered four previously all-white public schools in Charleston.
1963 Actor Michael Chiklis was born.

1967 The U.S. Senate confirmed Thurgood Marshall as the first black Supreme Court justice.

1968 Apple Records released its first record, "Hey Jude" by the Beatles.

1972 Actress Cameron Diaz was born.

1976 Tom Brokaw became the news anchor of "Today Show."

1979 President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a rabbit while on a canoe trip in Plains, Georgia.

1983 Guion Bluford became the first African-American astronaut in space.

2003 Actor Charles Bronson died.

2006 Actor Glenn Ford died.

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