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1569 Pope Pius named Cosimo I de Medici as Grand Duke of Tuscany.

1590 Pope Sixtus V died.

1601 Olivier van Noort completed the first Dutch exploration of America.

1610 King Wladyslaw of Poland was crowned King of Russia.

1619 Frederik van Palts was chosen King of Bohemia.

1666 Tsar Ivan V of Russia was born.

1667 The first recorded hurricane in North America struck Jamestown, Virginia.

1770 Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was born.

1776 The Battle of Long Island (New York) was fought.

1789 The French National Assembly issued "Declaration of Rights of Man & Citizen."

1809 American politician Hannibal Hamlin was born.

1813 France defeated Austria, Prussia, and Russia at the Battle of Dresden.

1832 Sauk Indian leader Black Hawk surrendered.

Silas Wright1847 American politician Silas Wright died.

Edwin Drake1859 Edwin Drake brought in the first commercially successful oil well in the world.

1865 Charles Gates Dawes,Vice-President of the United States, was born.

Rowland Hill1879 Rowland Hill, developer of the world's first postage stamps, died.

1871 Novelist Theodore Dreiser was born.

1877 Charles Stewart Rolls, co-founder of Rolls-Royce, was born.

1883 Krakatoa exploded.

1896 Britain defeated Zanzibar in a 38-minute war.
The first dial telephone was installed in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, City Hall.

1899 Author C. S. Forester was born.

Lyndon Baines Johnson1908 Lyndon Baines Johnson, 34th President of the United States, was born.

1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs published Tarzan of the Apes.

1916 Romania declared war on Austra-Hungary.
1916 Actress Martha Raye was born.

1921 J. E. Clair, owner of Acme Packing Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was granted an NFL franchise.

1927 Anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were executed.
1927 Cessna received an approved type certificate for Model "A" with Anzani engines.

1928 A subway accident in New York City, New York, killed 16 persons.
1928 Sixty nations signed the Kellogg-Briand Pact, agreeing to condemn "war for the solution of international controversies."

1929 Novelist Ira Levin was born.

Andrew Mellon1937 Businessman Andrew W. Mellon died.

1939 A Heinkel He-178 piloted by Erich Warsitz made the first manned flight with jet propulsion.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi1941 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi became Shah of Iran.

1942 Musician Daryl Dragon was born.

1943 Actress Tuesday Weld was born.

1947 Actress Barbara Bach was born.

Charles Evans Hughes1948 Charles Evans Hughes, former Chief Justice of the United States, died.

1952 Comedian Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Herman, was born.

1953 The film "Roman Holiday" was released.

1955 The Guinness Book of World Records was published for the first time.

1958 A fire in a coal mine in southwest Poland resulted in 72 deaths.
1958 A firecracker factory exploded in central Formosa, killing 23 persons.
1958 PhysicistErnest Lawrence died.

Trial of Francis Gary Powers1960 The trial of Francis Gary Powers began in Moscow.

1962 The United States launched Mariner II towards Venus.
1962 The U.S. House of Representatives passed a proposed constitutional amendment to ban poll taxes.

1963 Sociologist W.E.B. DuBois died.
Garrett Morgan1963 Inventor Garrett Morgan died.

1964 Actress Gracie Allen died.

1967 Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles, died.

1969 ActressChandra Wilson was born.

1971 Bennett Cerf, founder of Random House, died.

Haile Selassie1975 Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia died.

Earl Mountbatten1979 Earl Mountbatten of Burma and three others were killed when his fishing boat was blown up off the nrothwestern coast of Ireland.

Haiti1983 Haiti adopted a new constitution.

1985 General Ibrahim Babangida overthrew General Muhammadu Buhari's regime in Nigeria.

1990 Musician Stevie Ray Vaughan died.

1991 Moldavia declared its independence from the U.S.S.R.

1993 The Rainbow Bridge was completed in Tokyo, Japan.

1995 Tiger Woods won the U.S. Amateur Golf Championship.

1996 Actor Greg Morris died.

2006 Comair Flight 5191 crashed soon after taking off from Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky, killing 49 of the 50 persons aboard.

2008 Barack Obama became the first black to be nominated by a major party for President of the United States.

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