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1460 King James II of Scotland died.

Christopher Columbus1492 Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain, on his first voyage across the Atlantic.

Hamilton Fish1808 Hamilton Fish, U.S. Secretary of State, was born.

Elisha Otis1811 Elisha Otis, inventor of the "safe elevator," was born.

Jose de San Martin1821 José de San Martín was named "Protector of Peru."

1867 Stanley Baldwin, three-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was born.

Haakon VII1872 King Haakon VII of Norway was born.

1881 William Fargo, co-founder of Wells-Fargo and American Express, died.

1882 The U.S. Congress passed the first law restricting immigration.

1887 Poet Rupert Brooke was born.

1888 Businessman Benjamin F. Goodrich died.

1900 Firestone Tire and Rubber Company was founded.
Ernie Pyle1900 Newspaper columnist Ernie Pyle was born.

1901 U.S. Senator John C. Stennis was born.

Habib Bourguiba1903 Habib Bourguiba, the first President of Tunisia, was born.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens1907 Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens died.

Josephine Cochrane1913 Josephine Cochrane, inventor of the automatic dishwashing machine, died.

1924 Novelist Leon Uris was born.
1924 Author Joseph Conrad died.

1926 Singer Tony Bennett was born.

1934 Adolf Hitler declared himself Führer.

1940 Actor Martin Sheen was born.

1941 Businesswoman Martha Stewart was born.

Satchel Paige1948 Satchel Paige made his first pitching start, against Washington, and got his first win as a starter.

1949 The Basketball Association of America and National Basketball League merged to form the National Basketball Association.

1954 The first VTOL (Vertical Take-Off & Landing) was flown.

1955 The last Boeing RB-47E was delivered.

1957 Cellist Pablo Casals and Marta Montanez were married in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

USS Nautilus1958 The USS Nautilus became the first submarine to pass under the geographic North Pole.
1958 The Billboard "Hot 100" was founded.

1963 Allan Sherman released "Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda."

1966 Comedian Lenny Bruce died.

1975 The Louisiana Superdome was dedicated.

1977 Football player Tom Brady was born.
Archbishop Makarios III1977 Archbishop Makarios III, the first President of the Republic of Cyprus, died.

1981 13,000 Air Traffic Controllers went on strike.

1984 U.S. Congressman Carl D. Perkins died.

1995 Actress Ida Lupino died.

2008 Author Alexander Solzhenitsyn died.

2011 Football player Bubba Smith died.

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