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1442 King Edward IV of England was born.

1611 The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas was established in the Philippines.

James Monroe1758 James Monroe, 5th President of the United States, was born.

James Cook1770 James Cook claimed Australia for England.

Maryland1788 Maryland became the 7th state to ratify the Constitution.

1789 Crewmen aboard the British ship Bounty mutinied.

1847 George B. Vashon became the first black to enter the New York State Bar.

1855 The first veterinary college in the United States was incorporated in Boston, Massachusetts.

1865 Samuel Cunard, founder of Cunard Lines, died.

1874 Actor Sidney Toler was born.

1878 Actor Lionel Barrymore was born.

1881 Billy the Kid escaped from the Lincoln County Jail in Mesilla, New Mexico.

1889 António de Oliveira Salazar, Prime Minister and President of Portugal, was born.

Sir Grantley Herbert Adams1898 Grantley H. Adams, Premier of Barbados, was born.

1900 Astronomer Jan Hendrik Oort was born.

1910 Claude Grahame-White made the first ever night airplane flight.

Willis H. Carrier1914 W. H. Carrier patented an air conditioner unit.
1914 A coal mine collapse at Eccles, West Virginia, killed 181 persons.

1916 Businessman Ferruccio Lamborghini was born.

1920 Azerbaijan S. S. R. joined the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

1922 Author Alistair MacLean was born.

Kenneth Kaunda1924 Kenneth David Kaunda, the first President of Zambia, was born.

1925 Magazine publisher Henry Luce III was born.

1926 Author Harper Lee was born.

1930 The first night game in organized baseball was played in Independence, Kansas.
James A. Baker III1930 James A. Baker, III, U. S. Secretary of State and U. S. Secretary of the Treasury, was born.

1937 Pan Am made the first commercial flight across the Pacific.
1937 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was born.

1938 Actress Madge Sinclair was born.

1940 Glenn Miller recorded "Pennsylvania 6-5000."

1941 Actress Ann-Margret was born.

1942 A Gallup poll determined that the Second World War should be called World War II.

Benito Mussolini1945 Former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was killed by members of the Italian underground.

1947 The Kingdom of Siam became the 55th member of the United Nations.

1948 Actress Marcia Strassman was born.

1949 Former Philippine First Lady Aurora Quezon was assassinated; her daughter and 10 others were also killed.
Actor Paul Guilfoyle was born.
Actor Bruno Kirby was born.

1950 Talk show host Jay Leno was born.

1952 Actress Mary McDonnell was born.

1954 Actor John Pankow was born.

1956 The last French troops left Vietnam.

1960 A Venezuelan airliner exploded while on approach to Caracas (Venezuela) Airport, killing all 13 persons aboard.
1960 Martial law was proclaimed in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey, following anti-government riots by university students.
Carlos Ibanez del Campo1960 Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, two-time President of Chile, died.

1965 U. S. Marines invaded the Dominican Republic.

1966 The Boston Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers to win the NBA Championship.

1967 Expo 67 opened in Montreal, Canada.
1967 Muhammad Ali was arrested for refusing induction into the U. S. Army.

Charles de Gaulle1969 Charles de Gaulle resigned as President of France.

1970 Actor Ed Begley, Sr., died.

1971 Samuel Lee Gravely, Jr. became the first black Admiral in the U. S. Navy.

1973 Actress Elisabeth Rohm was born.

1974 Actress Penelope Cruz was born.

1980 Reuinion Areana opened in Dallas, Texas.

1981 Actress Jessica Alba was born.

1985 Fernando Valenzuela set a record of 41 scoreless innings to start a season.

1988 An Aloha Airlines Boeing 737 lost a large part of its "roof" while in flight, killing a stewardess.
1988 The Baltimore Orioles lost their 21st straight game to set an American League record.

1990 The Boston Celtics scored the most points ever in a playoff and beat the New York Knicks 157 to 128.
1990 DaveFerraro won the Firestone World Bowling Tournament of Champions.

1991 Actor Ken Curtis died.

1992 Italian President Francesco Cossiga formally resigned.

1993 A Zambian plane crashed at Libreville, Gabon, killing 30 soccer players.

1994 Former CIA officer Aldrich Ames and his wife Rosario pleaded guilty to spying.

1995 A Sri Lankan BAE748 crashed at Palaly, Sri Lanka, killing 52 persons.

1996 Martin Bryant shot and killed 35 persons in Port Arthur, Tasmania.

1999 Arthur Leonard Schawlow, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, died.

2001 Dennis Tito became the world's first space tourist.

Andre Agassi2003 Andre Agassi became the oldest top-ranked male tennis player in the history of official rankings.

2005 The Patent Law Treaty went into effect.

2012 A tent collapsed in St. Louis, Missouri, killed one person and injured 110.

2013 Gas explosions caused a building to collapse in Reims, France, killing 3 persons and injuring 14.

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