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On April 11th...

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1357 King Joăo I of Portugal was born.

1564 England and France signed the Peace of Troyes.

1567 William of Orange fled from Antwerp to Breda.

1689 William III and Mary II were crowned as joint rulers of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

1713 France ceded its Maritime Provinces in North America to Great Britain.

1770 British politician George Canning was born.

John Stevens1803 John Stevens patented a steamboat.

Napoleon Bonaparte1814 Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated for the first time.

1848 Hungary became a constitutional monarchy under King Ferdinand of Austria.

1862 Fort Pulaski (Georgia) was surrendered to Union troops.
Charles Evans Hughes1862 Charles Evans Hughes, Chief Justice of the United States, was born.

1865 The Battle of Mobile (Alabama) was fought.

Gustav Vigeland1869 Sculptor Gustav Vigeland was born.

1876 The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks was organized.

1881 The river ferry Princess Victoria sank in the Thames River at Ontario, Canada, killing 180 persons.
Spelman College was founded in Atlanta, Georgia (as Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary).

1890 Ellis Island, New York, was designated as an official immigration station.

Dean Acheson1893 Dean Acheson, U. S. Secretary of State, was born.

President William McKinley1898 U. S. President William McKinley asked Congress for a declaration of war against Spain.

1899 Chemist Percy Julian was born.

1900 The U. S. Navy purchased its first submarine.

Wade Hampton1902 Confederate General Wade Hampton died.

1909 Jewish settlers established Tel Aviv in what is now Israel.

1913 Fashion designer Oleg Cassini was born.

Richard Davis1916 Journalist and author Richard Davis died.

International Labor Organization1919 The International Labor Organization was founded.

1921 The Emirate of Transjordan was created.
KDKA became the first radio station ever to broadcast a sporting event, a boxing match (Ray-Dundee).

Luther Burbank1926 Horticulturalist Luther Burbank died.

Carlos Ibanez1927 Chilean general Carlos Ibáńez named himself President.

1930 Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, was born.

1933 Hermann Goering became Premier of Prussia.

1936 The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup.

1939 Actress Louise Lasser was born.

1942 The Distinguished Service Medal for Merchant Marines was authorized.

1947 Actor Meshach Taylor was born.

1948 Claude Harmon won the Masters Golf Tournament.

Douglas MacArthur1951 U. S. General Douglas MacArthur was relieved of his command of UN troops in Korea by President Harry Truman.

1953 The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare was created by act of Congress.

Ryan X-13 Vertijet1957 The Ryan X-13 "Vertijet" became the first aircraft to complete a vertical-conventional-vertical flight.

1961 Alfons Gorbach succeeded Julius Raab as Chancellor of Austria.
1961 Adolf Eichmann went on trial in Israel on charges dealing with crimes committed against Jews during World War II.
1961 The Boston Celtics defeated the St. Louis Hawks for the NBA Championship.

1964 The Brazilian Congress elected Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco to replace Joăo Goulart as President.
1964 Tornadoes in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri,and Nebraska, and a dust storm in Oklahoma, killed 6 persons.
Bret Saberhagen was born.

Dunlap tornado1965 Tornadoes in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin killed 243 persons.
1965 Jack Nicklaus won the Masters Golf Tournament.

1966 Jack Nicklaus won the Masters Golf Tournament.

1967 Hugh H. Shearer succeeded the late Sir Donald B. Sangster as Prime Minister of Jamaica.
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.1967 Harlem (New York City, New York) voters defied Congress and reelected Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

1968 U. S. President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.

1970 Apollo 13 was launched on a mission to the Moon.

1971 Charles Coody won the Masters Golf Tournament.

1976 The Apple I computer was released.
Ray Floyd won the Masters Golf Tournament.

Idi Amin1979 Ugandan ruler Idi Amin was forced to flee his country in advance of Tanzanian troops.

1981 Larry Holmes defeated Trevor Holmes in 15 rounds for the heavyweight boxing title.

1982 Craig Stadler won the Masters Golf Tournament.

1983 Seve Ballesteros won the Masters Golf Tournament.

1985 Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha died.

1987 Author Erskine Caldwell died.

1993 A riot broke out at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville.
Bernhard Langer won the Masters Golf Tournament.

1999 José María Olazábal won the Masters Golf Tournament.

2002 A coup d'état against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez failed.

2004 Phil Mickelson won the Masters Golf Tournament.

2006 Singer June Pointer died.

2007 Two bombings in Algiers, Algeria, killed 33 persons and wounded 222.
Author Kurt Vonnegut died.

2010 Phil Mickelson won the Masters Golf Tournament.

2011 A bombing on the Minsk Metro in Belarus killed at least 15 people and injured over 200.

2012 Ahmed Ben Bella, the first President of Algeria, died.

2013 Ballerina Maria Tallchief died.
2013 Comedian Jonathan Winters died.

2015 U. S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro met in Panama.

2017 Rock guitarist John Geils died.

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