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1043 Edward the Confessor was crowned King of England.

1245 King Philippe III of France was born.

1682 Painter Bartolomé Estéban Murillo died.

1764 Archduke Josef of Austria crowned himself Holy Roman Emperor Josef II.

1783 Sweden and the United States signed a Treaty of Amity and Commerce.
Washington Irving1783 Author Washington Irving was born.

1790 The Revenue Marine Service (U.S. Coast Guard) was created.

1823 William "Boss" Tweed, political boss of New York City, was born.

Cyrus Holliday1826 Cyrus Holliday, founder of Topeka, Kansas, was born.

1837 Naturalist John Burroughs was born.

1856 A gunpowder explosion badly damaged the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes and killed about 4,000 people.

Pony Express1860 The Pony Express began service.

1865 Union troops occupied the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia.

1882 Jesse James was shot and killed by Bob Ford.

1897 Composer Johannes Brahms died.

1898 Comedian George Jessel was born.
1898 Henry R. Luce, founder of Time magazine, was born.

Sally Rand1904 Fan dancer Sally Rand was born.

Pascual Cervera y Topete1909 Pascual Cervera y Topete, Spanish admiral during the Spanish-American War, died.

1924 Actor Marlon Brando was born.
1924 Actress Doris Day was born.

Gus Grissom1926 Astronaut Gus Grissom was born.

1930 The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup.
German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was born.

1933 The longest North American hockey game ever played to date required a 1:44:46 overtime before Maple Leaf Ken Doraty scored to beat the Canadiens 1-0.

1934 Primate researcher Jane Goodall was born.

1936 Bruno Richard Hauptman was executed for the kidnapping and death of the infant son of Charles Lindbergh.

1942 Actress Marsha Mason was born.
1942 Singer Wayne Newton was born.

1944 Singer Tony Orlando was born.

President Harry Truman1948 President Harry Truman signed the Foreign Assistance Act, commonly known as the Marshall Plan, into law.

1955 Fire in a Sclessin, Belgium, cinema killed 39 persons.
1955 A train derailment in Guadalajara, Mexico, killed 300 people.

1957 Manuchehr Ikbal was named to succeed Hussein Ala as Premier of Iran.
1957 A state of siege and curfew were imposed throughout Chile following several days of severe rioting.

1958 Actor Alec Baldwin was born.

1959 Actor David Hyde Pierce was born.

King Norodom Suramarit1960 King Norodom Suramarit of Cambodia died.

1961 Actor Eddie Murphy was born.

1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his "mountaintop" speech to a group of striking sanitation workers in Memphis.

1971 Skier Picabo Street was born.

1972 Actress Jennie Garth was born.

1973 Motorola researcher Martin Cooper made the first phone call on a non-car based mobile phone to his rival, Dr. Engel of Bell Labs.

1974 Tornadoes in the east, south, and midwest United States killed approximately 315 people.

1975 Bobby Fischer was stripped of his world chess championship title for refusing to defend it.

Jane Byrne1979 Jane Byrne was elected Mayor of Chicago.

1983 USC defeated Louisiana Tech 69-67 for the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship.

1987 Bill Elliott set a NASCAR qualifying record of 212.809 mph at Talladega.

1988 Louisiana Tech defeated Auburn 56-54 for the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship.

1989 Michigan defeated Seton Hall 80-79, in overtime, for the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

1990 Singer Sarah Vaughan died.

1994 North Carolina defeated Louisiana Tech 60-59 for the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship.

1995 UCLA defeated Arkansas 89-78 for the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

1996 Theodore Kaczynski was arrested by the FBI on suspicion of being the "Unabomber."
1996 Ron Brown, former U. S. Secretary of Commerce, died.
1996 Carl Stokes, former Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, died.

1998 The Dow Jones Average topped 9,000 for the first time in history.

2000 Michigan State defeated Florida 89-76 for the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

2006 Florida defeated UCLA 73-57 for the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

2007 Tennessee defeated Rutgers 59-46 for the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship.

2009 Columnist Tom Braden died.

2012 Baylor defeated Notre Dame 80-61 for the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship.

2013 A suicide bombing in Farah, Afghanistan, killed 46 persons.
2013 A bus plunged off a cliff in Papua New Guinea, killing 24 persons.

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