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Archaeological News, 1978

Some of the most spectacular finds of the year came from a royal tomb at Vergina in northern Greece, claimed to have been the burial place of Philip II of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great. First encountered in 1977, the site yielded a variety of objects in gold, silver, and copper, including the golden casket below that is believed to contain Philip's remains.

golden casket from Vergina

In March a Japanese television company financed and filmed the building of a miniature pyramid at Giza. Overseen by Japanese Egyptologist Sajuki Yoshiruma, the project was an attempt to recreate the construction methods used for the Cheops pyramid 4,500 years ago.

Japanese mini pyramid

Students and other volunteers working at the site of the ancient Roman Verulamium at St. Albans, England, uncovered a seven-foot-square floor mosaic said to be among the finest ever found in Great Britain.


Two bird hunters seeking refuge in a cave in Greenland found several mummified corpses, including that of a 7-month-old child who died about 350 years ago.

Greenland mummies

In the Year 1978

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